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Welcome to Chez Attaignant, the early music bookstore of Tapia's Gold. It is named for Pierre Attaignant, a gifted music printer and mediocre arranger of dances from sixteenth century France. Printed music began in that era, opening music up to amateurs and vastly increasing our chances of still having the music today.

Our aim is to provide a selection of useful and generally inexpensive books relating to the music, musical instruments, and life and times of the European Renaissance and Middle Ages. Many of these titles are difficult to find even in large chain bookstores.

Many of the books have descriptions or reviews (by me unless indicated otherwise) to help you decide whether you want them. Books without descriptions have been included because I had heard of them or the titles seemed interesting.

Through our association with Amazon.com in the United States and Amazon.co.uk in Britain, you pay the same low prices you would pay if you went to Amazon directly, and we receive a small percentage of each sale, which we will use to support the web pages. (In case you were wondering, I have been a satisfied Amazon.com customer since 1996.)

You may click on any of the book links to find out bibliographic information and the current Amazon.com price. You're not obligated to buy a book until you choose to do so, and in fact Amazon is a useful source of bibliographic information and comparison pricing even if you never make a purchase.

A word about locally-owned bookstores: Please support them. If you can buy books like these locally, from knowledgeable booksellers, thank the Muses, and pay a bit more if you have to so that your local bookstore will survive. But for everyone else, we'd like the Early Music Bookstore to be your local bookstore on the Internet.

(By the way, Chez Attaignant is pronounced something like "shay ah-tay-nyohn", and it means "Pierre's Place".)

--Curtis Clark

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